Friday, February 18, 2011

An Introduction

You may call me The Blue Mage. Or Blue Magus. Or just about anything involving a spell shaper of borrowed talents. I've spent my life stealing the ideas of others and bending them to my will. This was my militaristic duty up until a few months prior, and I cannot imagine dropping my talents in the face of retirement. So, here I'll sit, pillaging the populous for points to dissect.

And dissect I shall. This new world scares me. I live in fear that the tides of this coming generation's whimsy will white wash all that is sacred.

No, not all of my entries will be this wordy or heavy handed. I'm just a man like most of the others on this spread of lies we call the internet. And, in my honesty, I'm only standing on this momentary pedestal to spout a word or two about the enemies around me. Here...let me lay out for you what you should expect from this blog; in bolded and struck words, for taste's sake.

What You Will Find
  • Pop-culture icons lampooned
  • Musical trends mutilated
  • Fashion trends eviscerated
  • Philosophy Thwarted
  • Offense - vast, rampant offense
What Is Absent
  • Sense
  • Boundary
  • Quarter
  • Consideration
  • Colloquialism beyond examples
Read and raise a toast towards education. You're free to access a world that is dwindling away through the Bluest Mage's eye. Lucky you. Lucky you.

TOMORROW: Justin Bieber, and the End of Sexual Identity


  1. Shocking and provoking, as i like :)
    Keep your ( nice introduced) blog up !

  2. OMG! Can't wait for the Justin Bieber post :P

  3. you, sir, are a great man. Very good post. Can't wait for tomorrow|

  4. well Mr. Blue Magus I cant wait to see what your next post contains, I'll be looking for it :)

  5. Hopefully many topics contain philoshophy things! I'm into that!

  6. going to follow this for sure!

    waiting for the next post